About us

Tricia Barrett is originally from Santa Fe, NM. As a child, her parents exposed Trish to the power of pet companionship. Through this, she learned about the incredible bond that takes place between pets and their people as well as the power of compassion and unconditional love. After attending school in Colorado, she worked in the feature film industry in Los Angeles. After 18 years and many projects later, she felt a calling to the beautiful Monterey Peninsula. As an animal lover and advocate, Trish founded Milagros Pet Services.

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Milagros Pet Services offers a variety of ways to meet the needs of pets and their people.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we might be able to help.

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I think she has a great understanding of the innocence of animals and the obligation we have to honor that innocence and goodness. With Trish you can see it in her pets, in the way other people's pets respond to her, and of course in the communities she builds around her.

Nick K.
Venice, CA